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My Experience Using Cellfood Drops Supplement for Hair Loss

Hair Loss and Candida

I started taking Cell Food drops in August 2011. I had been struggling with alopecia universalis and suspected that it was due to some underlying condition, such as candida. The thing that got me excited about Cell Food was that it claimed to improve oxygen levels, and that was supposed to help get rid of candida.

After three weeks of use, I started to feel a bit of soft fuzz on my head. That gave me hope that it was actually working! I decided to continue taking the drops for at least three months—that’s how long it’s supposed to take for the drops to eradicate candida.

Other Candida Treatments Didn’t Work

I’ve used Dr. McCombs’ candida cleanse with marginal results. It seemed to improve my overall wellbeing and helped my fingernails grow faster, but I didn’t get much hair regrowth. I’ve also done the Blessed Herbs cleanse and did feel a little bit better, but it was a long cleanse, and I felt like I should have seen a greater improvement in my health.

Does Cell Food Help Treat Hair Loss?

When I first started taking Cell Food drops, I noticed I had a lot more energy throughout the day. I didn’t have to sleep as much, and I slept more deeply. I used to need at least eight hours of sleep to feel normal, but now, I could get away with just six or seven hours. Some people take it just for this reason, but I was more interested in getting my hair back.

After almost two months, I still didn’t see any real hair growth on my head. I did see some clear eyelashes coming in, and that was an encouraging sign, but what I really wanted was to regrow the hair on my head.

It wasn’t until a month later that I finally started to see some real hair on my head—not just the fuzzy baby hairs. This was huge for me! After three months of taking Cell Food drops, I would have to say that it did help my hair grow back.

Side Effects and Other Benefits of Cell Food

I haven’t noticed any side effects from my own personal experience taking Cell Food. That’s not to say that other people won’t have a reaction to it. One reviewer on Amazon claimed that it made her moody, so she had to stop taking it. Everyone will have a different experience because we are all unique. Our bodies, diets, and environment are all different and will factor into whether or not the product will work for you.

You may experience detoxification side effects initially. They usually last only a few days. It is just your body getting rid of the built up toxins. For some people, this will feel like a slight cold—others may experience a rash. I usually get a mild rash around my eyes when detoxing, but it usually goes away within three days.

I have read that some people use Cell Food to treat burns. I was really skeptical of this, but I have to say, from personal experience, that it does help quite a bit. I burned my hand on a cast iron skillet while making hashbrowns one day. I immediately plunged my hand under cold water and grabbed my Cell Food drops. They made the burn sting for a few seconds, but in an hour, I couldn’t even tell that I had burned myself. The next day, the skin had changed texture, but it was no longer pink. It seemed as if it healed faster because of the Cell Food.

Why Use Cell Food?

Many people will get enough vitamins from fruits and vegetables, but they still won’t get enough essential minerals. Modern, processed foods typically don’t give you the required amount of nutrients, especially minerals, that you need on a daily basis. Cell Food contains trace minerals that our bodies need. You need both vitamins and minerals for your body to function properly.

Cell Food drops are also an easy addition to your diet. Just a couple of drops in your water—tastes like a hint of citrus—three times a day. One ounce should last you about a month!

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