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Calories Burned When Riding a Bicycle

Cycling: A Great Calorie Burner

How many calories do you burn cycling?
How many calories do you burn cycling? | Source

How to Calculate Calories Burned Cycling

There is no doubting that cycling is a great exercise and that calories burned while riding a bike can help you as part of a weight loss plan. However the question

How many calories can I burn when riding a bicycle?

This is a popular question asked by many people. Below are figures and information that should help provide an idea of your calorie expenditure from bicycling and therefore you can potentially tailor your exercise levels in relation to your weight loss goals. Or you can simply just find out how many calories you’re burning while you ride your road bike, mountain bike or complete a spinning class there’s no limit to how you can burn calories through cycling.

No matter where you cycle it’s a great form of exercise and a way to burn calories.

How Many Calories Do I Burn Cycling?

Cycling is a great activity to burn calories and below is information on how many calories you can burn road cycling

General figures for calories burned while bicycling are featured below and should give you an idea with regard to how long you need to cycling for when targeting weight loss.

In general you can burn between 400-500 calories for an easy hour of cycling which can have a seriously positive effect on your health and weight loss goals.

Calories Burned in 1 Hour of Cycling

Speed and intensity
Weight= 155lb (70kg)
Weight= 185lb (85kg)
Light intensity. 10-12 mph (16-19 kmh)
450 calories
550 calories
Moderate Intensity 12-16 mph (19- 26 kmh)
550 calories
700 calories
Hard cycling 16-20 mph (26-32 kmh)
800 calories
1000 calories
Values for calories burned while cycling adapted from figures from
Calories burned cycling can contribute towards a healthy weight loss plan
Calories burned cycling can contribute towards a healthy weight loss plan

How Many Calories Do I Burn During a Studio Cycling Session?

Studio cycling (or spin cycling) is another great form of cycling exercise and a fantastic way to burn calories. Studio cycling classes are also a great way to have fun and meet people who want to improve their fitness and are generally sociable so there’s nothing to stop you attending.

Calorie values below are based on a general 45 minute studio cycling class.

Calories Burned During a 45-Minute Studio Cycling Class

Intensity of cycling exercise
Weight 155 lb (70kg)
Weight 185lb (85kg)
330 calories
400 calories
480 calories
640 calories
Values adapted from

How Long Do I Have to Cycle to Lose a Pound of Fat?

The equivalent number of calories in a pound of body-fat is 3500 calories. From the figures above based on how far you’ve cycled and how fast you’ve travelled you can work out how many calories you’ve burnt in total? How close to 3500 calories is that?

If you cycle at a moderate intensity of 12-16 miles per hour for 2 hours (and weigh 185 lb) you will likely burn a figure of around 1400 calories. That’s over 1/3rd of the way to burning off a pound of fat

Based in these same conditions you’d have to cycle a total of 5 hours to burn a pond of body-fat. You could even space that 5 hour period out over the course of a week as 5 rides of 1 hour duration.

Or you could increase the amount of cycling you do (by a sensible amount) and slowly increase your activity level to further increase the calories you burn cycling- Good luck

Good luck calculating your calories burned while cycling.

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