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5 Types of Women You Meet in a Gym

Everyone has seen lists about the types of guys you meet in a gym. But what about the women? Here is a list, in no particular order. (Note: No offense is meant by any of these!)

1) The Senior Citizen

The senior citizen is quite possibly my favorite gym goer. She tends to appear at the break of dawn and often has more dedication than most. Always in a good mood and willing to strike up a conversation, but be careful because once she starts you might be trapped for a while.

How to spot her: Early morning sightings are common. She is usually walking on the treadmill, sometimes for hours at a time. Look for grey hair, glasses, and oversized sweaters.

2) The Prima Donna

This girl already thinks she’s hot and has all the confidence in the world. She doesn’t enjoy working out and thinks sweating is gross. So why is she at the gym? The answer is simple. There is no better place than a gym to find a high concentration of men, possibly muscular ones at that. It may sound ridiculous, but there really are women who go to the gym to meet men.

How to spot her: She usually wears a tight tank top and spandex/leggings, without shorts over, of course. Don’t be shocked to see her with a face full of makeup and styled hair. Can be seen looking in the mirror, bending over to get a drink from the fountain, bending over to tie her shoe, performing any other activity that involves bending over, really.


3) The Girl Who Is “One of The Guys”

This girl means business. You won’t catch her catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, unless it’s to check her form. She can lift, sweat, and talk smack with even the toughest guys in the gym. While her dedicated is admirable, she can come off as rather intimidating.

How to spot her: At the squat rack or dead lift station, probably lifting more than half the guys could. No makeup, hair tied up, simple clothes: she’s here to work.

4) The Performance Artist

If you think guys are the only one’s who make noises in the gym, think again. This girl doesn’t just stick to grunts though. She sings on the elliptical, talks to herself while lifting weights, and generally just annoys everyone else. Her motives are unclear but it seems like she is oblivious to everyone starting.

How to spot her: Follow her voice. To confirm her identity check for headphones that block out everyone else, a confused look on her face, and crazy eyes.


5) The Stretcher

This woman spends copious amounts of time stretching. We all know it’s important, but when you stretch for just as long as you exercise, it’s a little excessive. Also, if you are going to stretch and spread your legs, please be sure to wear spandex underneath.

How to spot her: Hogging up the stretching mats for extended periods of time.

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